Community Rules

Parquelena where our villa is located is a quiet and peaceful residential community.  It is not a holiday complex and therefore it is important that guests staying with us not disturb people in the nearby houses (they have young children that take naps during the day and are early to bed while others sleep at odd hours due to work schedules).  As you might imagine, it gets very tiresome for the permanent residents if there is a lot of noise all the time from people that are vacationing in the adjacent houses. Additionally,  the vacation guests at Parquelena (ourselves included) are looking for a quiet and relaxing place and we want to avoid the situation where a group staying in one house ruins the vacation of people staying at another. The community rules are shown below,  but the ones on limiting noise are very important.  This applies to loud noise late at night (so no entertaining is allowed), but also to a lot of loud noise during the day (kids screaming for long periods of time, shouting from the house to people on the pool deck, outdoor music, etc).  We take these matters very seriously and want to ensure that people staying with us are aware of these issues and are confident the community rules won't be a problem for them.  
The villa is only for the enjoyment of our guests so only the people specified in the short term rental agreement are allowed on the premises and no entertaining is allowed.

Parquelena Community Rules:

Parquelena is a quiet residential community. It is not a holiday complex and as such, it is important for every resident, owner and tenant to not disturb their neighbors, respect their privacy and follow the community rules.

Noise:  The general principle is to maintain noise to the level that it isn’t disturbing your neighbors.  If a neighbor asks you reduce the noise level, than do so.  Specifically:

  • There will be no loud noise that disturbs people in the neighboring houses.
  • Noise should be reduced during the Spanish Siesta from 2-5PM.
  • No noise outside after 10PM
  • Music is not allowed on the terrace and pool area. 
  • The swimming pool area is not a children’s playground, balls etc., should not be thrown into neighboring terraces and loud children’s play (screaming and yelling) is not allowed within the complex
  • Walk quietly to your house when entering the complex late at night There are many bedrooms located on the walkways to the houses and talking, shouting, singing etc, will wake many people up. 

Railings and fences: It is absolutely forbidden to climb over all walls and railings in the community.  This includes those around the community, on the beach and between the houses.  This is to decrease the risk of burglary and property damage.

Trash:  Garbage must be brought directly to the containers on the street. It is forbidden to leave garbage anywhere outside the houses at any time.

Main entry gate: When entering or leaving the complex, ensure the gate is locked behind you and never permit strangers to enter with you.  Never leave the door standing open and unattended.

Beach and public areas in the complex: Never dump or throw anything (including cigarettes butts) onto the beach or on the public grounds inside the complex

House Rules

 In addition to not smoking in the house we ask that people staying at our house, please take care of it.  We will provide some additional common sense details prior to booking.
  • Beach front villa
  • Great sea views
  • Private heated saltwater pool
  • Modern stylish interior
  • 5 minute walk to shops/restaurants
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